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War Plan

Clan Rules
War Plan

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Before each war we meet in a private room to dicuss our plan and strategy for the war. We decide what teams/groups we are going in, radio channels such as Offensive Channel and Defensive Channels,  and so on.
During the war we might go on different channels, depending on the number of people and teams,  What ever you do, you must follow the leaders directions and plan whether you like or not, either follow the leader(s) instructions or leave.  During wars, KILLS DO NOT MATTER.  All that matters is winning. For example someone might get zero kills, doesn't matter just get all the shots you can in a person so your team-mates can get an easy kill. If we hear any bitching about the number of kills someone has you will be kicked from clan immediately, no discussion.
After each war we meet in another private room to discuss the war.  We talk about what we did right and wrong and what we need to fix.

Socom 2 - OTG